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Vertical Living Solution
2gether, not 'apart'
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The magic of vertical living

Remember taking a gym membership you never used? Apartments where the clubhouse is a km away are designed like that. You never get to use the clubhouse. We need spaces to be close enough to everyone, so that we can, well, actually use them.

- Vertical living
- Features at every level - Where every storey has a story
- Easy access for seniors via lifts
- Monitor young children closely

Design that brings people close to people...
Not concrete!

This pandemic has made us realize how much we miss meeting other people. If your kids have been missing their school friends, it is time for them to make plenty more within the community. Your elderly parents may not be able to move around much, but they can enjoy meeting friends in the community.

- Conversation Courts
- Plenty of meeting spaces-
- Elderly seating near kids zones
- Easy access to amenities for all

Designed for a healthy you

Today, over 95% people will respond that health is their #1 priority. Why not make your community the center-piece of your health program? We have designed a combination of modern and natural work-out zones and facilities to keep you at the top of your wellness. And after your work-out, don't forget to grab that glass of fresh carrot (from your own garden) juice at the juice bar.

- Gyms
- Badminton court
- Basketball court
- Squash court
- Swimming pool
- Walking tracks
- Meditation zones

WFH is so yesterday

Most large companies are continuing WFH or hybrid format. But why should you compromise the quality of your workplace? No more working from cramped dining tables. Get a space of your own with one of the 50 co-working spaces or any other spot within the community. Work amidst the trees, on the terraces or anywhere else. Work-from-community is here to stay.

- 50+ world-class work spaces
- Terrace cafe seating
- Other seating across community
- Designed for working from community

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