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2getherments, a new way of urban living

2getherments is an idea germinated out of empathy towards Indian living, combined with deep-dive research on modern working families & active retired urbanites. As designers and now developers, we are equipped with strategic insight on how to transform ‘affordable housing projects’ into ‘aspirational affordable housing solutions’ suitable for Indian Urbanites.

We aspire to co-create communities that build strong social relationships in a natural way. We want to bring about a sustained change by focusing on Triple Bottom Line, with is a positive impact on People, Planet and Prosperity.

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Master plan

Greatly increasing space efficiency by integrating features into the towers

Designed for you

Social Life
We found that 49% of people want to step out for social gatherings with friends and family at least once a month, once things get back to normal.

Entertain Guests
50% of families want to entertain guests at home at least once a month and would love the space for it.

Quiet Space to Work
We found that over 90% people have experienced some form of interruption during important meetings during WFH.

A day in the life at 2gTula

Tula means balance. Believe it or not, every space in 2gTula is designed to help you earn more time each day. Experience it to fully understand how it works.

Earn time in your own home

Need extra space to work? Or for your children to study? The flexible space is well-designed to provide a secluded area to work with focus. Other spaces like kitchen and utility are designed to steal minutes for you with each task.

Earn time outside home

Need more privacy? Walk 5 minutes into one of the 50 co-working spaces and enjoy office quality meetings in well-designed offices.

Earn time with your family

Have 30 minutes extra? Take your child to the play area 4 minutes away, and then to the square foot gardens on the terrace.

Earn time with neighbours

And then catch up with friends several times over the day. Head to the conversation court 5 minutes away and then catch up for a fresh drink at the juice bar.

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Chief Architect's Brief

Understand about the 2getherments culture and the features of 2gTula by the chief architect of the project, Mr. Mathan Ramaiah!

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