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Apartments? NO! 2getherments

2getherments is an idea germinated out of empathy towards Indian living, combined with deep-dive research on modern working families & active retired urbanites. As designers and now developers, we are equipped with strategic insight on how to transform four-walls of a house into a home full of living solutions suitable for Indian Urbanites. We aspire to co-create communities that build strong social relationships in a natural way.

We want to bring about a sustained change by focusing on Triple Bottom Line, with is a positive impact on People, Planet and Prosperity.

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T.H.R.I.V.E at 2G TULA*

2g is all about bringing like-minded people 2gether. We want to design and develop strong communities where the "2gians" (2getherments' residents) can stay healthy, relax, inspire and get inspired, create a vibrant life, and eat home-grown food. We believe this will help create stronger community of friends and neighbors - your own urban village.

After the massive success of 2getherments, Hyderabad, the 2g lifestyle is coming to Bangalore. These premium apartments near Whitefield, will help you bond with your family, the community and nature in ways you haven't imagined before. 2g Tula is one such community that is shaping up to be a very successful, strong, and vibrant place that allows its residents to T.H.R.I.V.E.!

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Premium homes that you can customize

Our homes are uniquely designed to make every inch usable. Further you can quickly make a study or add an additional bedroom with the flexible design.

East Facing Type 1

A charming east facing customizable home with city views

- East Facing
- Type: 3BHK
- Area: 1827 SFT

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East Facing
Type 2

A secluded east-facing customizable home with garden views, closest to the 2g areas.

- East Facing
- Type: 3BHK
- Area: 1883 SFT

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West Facing
Type 1

An Elegant West Facing Customizable Home with Garden and City Views

- West Facing
- Type: 3BHK
- Area: 1833 SFT

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West Facing
Type 2

A convenient west-facing customizable home with garden views, closest to the 2g areas.

- West Facing
- Type: 3BHK
- Area: 1825 SFT

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North Facing

An apt north facing customizable home with Garden Views

- North Facing
- Type: 3BHK
- Area: 1827 SFT

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Learn more about the vertical living features

A collection of thoughtful features designed to work, play and socialize

50+ Co-working Spaces

50+ co-working spaces and more secluded spots make it perfect for you to take important calls in peace.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

A terrace with a pool and much more...
There are gardens, yoga decks, community kitchens, and social spaces on the terrace.

Grow your own Veggies

Square foot gardens provide a splendid avenue for your children to grow their veggies, and learn to enjoy them.

Sky Spaces

Badminton on the 9th floor, theatre on the 4th and plenty of other spaces sprinkled vertically across all the floors.

Every storey has a story

There is something for each member of the family at 2g Tula. Each floor has 2g areas that house different activities and features.

Other Spaces

Kitty party space, tuition space, dance room, gym, outdoor juice bar, guest rooms, kids’ area, creche, and more.

Latest news & articles

Explore our blog for insightful articles, personal reflections and ideas that inspire action on the topics you care about.

Creating homes and neighborhoods, not just buildings

2getherments as a company strongly believes in designing communities that adapt to the needs of its residents. This belief was inculcated into us by 30+ years of various experiences in this industry. All these years, the changes and impact we had were incremental, but that wasn’t enough and we were getting impatient.


Can we blend the nuclear families and joint families values?

We need to strike a balance in providing care and security to family members. Although we lack the support and care of a joint family, it may be a good option to live in a community. Bonding with neighbors to retrieve the old values which were lost due to urbanization has become imperative now more than ever before.


Advantages of having a support system in raising kids

Parenting can be a challenging journey, and having a support system can make all the difference. A support system can come in many forms, such as family, friends, or even a great community of extended families. In this blog, we'll explore the advantages of having a support system in raising kids.


Importance of making sustainable choices a priority

Green living is the practice of reducing one's impact on the environment by making conscious choices in daily life. This can include reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and choosing environmentally friendly products. In this blog, we'll explore steps you can take to incorporate it into your lifestyle.


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